Wheel size Chart

Wheels Charts for Redlines 1968-1974

Redlines 1968

Beatnik Bandit Bearing- Medium/ Small Custom T-Bird Bearing Medium/ Medium
Custom Barracuda Bearing- Medium/ Small Custom Volkswagen Bearing- Medium/ Small
Custom Camaro Bearing- Medium/ Small Deora Bearing Small/ Small
Custom Corvette Bearing- Medium/ Small Ford J-Car Bearing Medium/ Medium
Custom Corvette Bearing- Medium/ Small Hot Heap Bearing Medium/ Medium
Custom Cougar Bearing- Medium/ Small Python Bearing- Medium/ Small
Custom Eldorado Bearing Medium/ Medium Silhouette Bearing- Medium/ Small
Custom Firebird Bearing- Medium/ Small
Custom Fleetside Bearing Medium/ Medium
Custom Mustang Bearing- Medium/ Small

Redlines 1969

Bradham-Repco F1 Bearing Large/ Medium Lola GT70 Bearing Medium/ Medium
Chaparral 2G Bearing Medium/ Medium Lotus Turbine Bearing Large/ Medium
Classic Ford Woody Bearing Large/ Medium Maserati Mistral Bearing Medium/ Medium
Classic '32 Ford Vicky Bearing Large/ Medium McLaren M6A Bearing Medium/ Medium
Classic '36 Ford Coupe Bearing- Large/ Small Mercedes-Benz 280SL Bearing Medium/ Medium
Classic '57 T-Bird Bearing Medium/ Small Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Bearing Medium/ Medium
Custom AMX Bearing Medium/ Medium Shelby Turbine Bearing- Large/ Large
Custom Charger Bearing Medium/ Medium Splittin' Image Bearing Large/ Medium
Continental Mark III Bearing Medium/ Medium Torero Bearing Large/ Medium
Police Cruiser Bearing Medium/ Medium Turbofire Bearing Large/ Medium
Ford Mark IV Bearing Medium/ Medium TwinMill Bearing Large/ Medium
Indy Eagle Bearing Large/ Medium Beach Bomb Bearing Medium/ Medium

Redlines 1970

Ambulance Caps- Medium/Medium Moving Van Caps- Medium/Medium
Boss Hoss Caps- Large/Medium Nitty Gritty Bearing Large/ Medium
Carabo Caps- Medium/Medium Paddy Wagon Bearing Large/ Medium
Cement Mixer Caps- Medium/Medium Peepin Bomb Caps- Large/Medium
Classic Nomad Caps- Large/Medium Porsche 917 Caps- Medium/Medium
Demon Caps- Large/Medium Power Pad Caps- Large/Large
Dump Truck Caps- Medium/Medium Red Baron Caps- Large/Medium
Ferrari 312P Caps- Large/Medium Sand Crab Caps- Large/Medium
Fire Chief Cruiser Bearing Medium/ Medium Seasider Caps- Large/Medium
Fire Engine Caps- Medium/Medium Sky Show Fleetside Caps- Medium/Medium
Heavy Chevy Bearing Large/ Medium Snake Funny Car Caps- Large/Medium
Jack Rabbit Caps- Medium/Medium Swingin Wing Caps- Large/Medium
King Kuda Bearing Large/ Medium TNT-Bird Bearing Large/ Medium
Light My Firebird Bearing Large/ Medium Tow Truck Caps- Medium/Medium
Mantis Caps- Large/Medium Tri Baby Caps- Large/Medium
Mighty Maveric Caps- Large/Medium Whip Creamer Caps- Large/Medium
Mod Quad Caps- Medium/Medium
Mongoose funny Car Caps- Large/Medium

Redlines 1971

AMX/2 Caps- Large/Medium Pit Crew Caps- Large/Medium
Boss Hoss Bearing Large/ Medium Racer Rig Caps- Medium/Medium
Bugeye Caps- Large/Medium Rocket Bye Baby Caps- Large/Large
Bye-Focal Caps- Large/Medium S' Cool Bus Caps- Large/Medium
Classic Cord Caps- Large/Medium Scooper Caps- Medium/Medium
Cockney Cab Caps- Large/Medium Short Order Caps- Large/Medium
Evil Weevil Caps- Large/Medium Six Shooter Caps- Large/Large/Medium
- LFuel Tanker Caps- Medium/Medium Snake 2 Funny Car Caps- Large/Medium
Grass Hopper Caps- Large/Large Snake Rail Special
Hairy Hauler Caps- Medium/Medium Snorkel Caps- Medium/Medium
Hood, The Caps- Large/Medium Special Delivery Caps- Large/Medium
Ice T Caps- Large/Medium Strip Teaser Caps- Large/Medium
Jet Threat Caps- Large/Medium Sugar Caddy Caps- Large/Medium
Mongoose 2 Funny Car Caps- Large/Medium T-4-2 Caps- Large/Large
Mongoose Rail Special Team Trailer Caps- 6 Medium
Mutt Mobile Caps- Large/Medium Waste Wagon Caps- Medium/Medium
Noodle Head Caps- Large/Medium What-4 Caps- Medium/Medium
Olds 442 Caps- Large/Medium

Redlines 1971-1974

Ferrari 512S Caps- Medium/Medium Side Kick Caps- Large/Medium
Funny Money Caps- Large/Medium Double Vision Caps- Large/Medium
Mercedes Benz C-111 Caps- Large/Medium Peepin' Bomb Caps- Large/Medium
Open Fire Caps- Large/Medium/Medium
Rear Engine Mongoose Special
Rear Engine Snake Special

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