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Redlineshop Certified Restoration

Our Redlineshop Certification comes with a certificate of authenticity of a 10 point quality restoration. Protect your investment by purchasing a Redlineshop Restoration. Our 10 point restoration guarantees the following

  • The car is carefully taken apart without signs of drill marks or other signs of the car being drill apart.
  • Body is stripped cleaned, polished and painted with color matched High Quality Redline Shop Spectra-Color Paints
  • Tail lights, black roofs and all other parts of the car that were originally painted opposite of the spectra-flame paint are re-replicated to matched a brand new car.
  • Interiors are clean and shined like new
  • Glass in replace or polished to match a look of a new blister pull.
  • Axle sets are cleaned, strengthened, and oiled so the car rolls easily and all 4 wheels touch the ground at the same time. These Axle are tuned and ready to win any race.
  • Engines, Tops or any other accessories is cleaned, repainted or replace with new to match the condition of the brand new car.
  • Base are cleaned and polished to match the looks of a new car.
  • Everything is reinstalled by Jon Douglas to factory specifications to match an unprecedented restoration.
  • The final cherry on the top is hand spun steel rivet heads are use to simulate the look of factory spun rivets.