Overall Rating: 99.58%
Average Rating: 9.96/10
A fantastic source for RL parts, cant be happier. every part fits so Full On Sweet.. Full on, Full on...
Hung "Mike G" Low, Full On
Jon has been helping me with my collection since I started collecting in January 2016. Great selection of parts and decals. Very knowledgeable and always willing to help with any questions I may have. I hope to continue our great relationship for years to come. Thank you Jon, please keep up the amazing work!
If there was only one place I could go to get my parts it would be here.
The best Hot Wheels restoration products on the market.....The fast shipping/ and customer service is the best too!

Thank you!
Thank you very much Redline, I bought the 10pk of paints and husband is made up with the product, the post was very quick too.
Sharon Whalley
I've been dealing with Redlineshop.com for close to 3 years now and by far, Jon has the best paints on the market, Great service. I had a problem with shipment one time where 2 of the bottles leaked inside the box and told Jon and he replaced it, no questions asked. Also he helped me out with learning about clear coat and reducers. He does need to work on his decals....some are not as clear as they could be......pixelated which is why the 9 out of 10 rating. He's the only supplier with certain hoods as well....When you get his paints, you won't be sorry......Thank you, Jon for a great product and please keep up the Awesome work....
Mark R. Ah-Low, Rome Research Corp.
I have bought so many of the decals on Jon's site that I have lost count. My favorites are the Army decals. I also bought a couple of Spectraflame paints and even though I've only used the Hot Pink so far, I was very impressed since I know how difficult that color must be to reproduce. Jon has even made a few decals for me that weren't on his site. The plastic repro parts are excellent as well. I have not used the redline wheels, but they look pretty good from the pictures I have seen. Keep up the great work! :):)

This was my first time buying from your company and it won't be my last. We had a little hiccup and you took care of it, for that I thank you, you guys are the best.
Johnny, Cars and coins
Excellent quality product, very fast shipping....Thank you!!
Do you repair some cars for customers if so I'm interested. If you do can I have a price range and how we can do it I mail cars to you ?????????? Please ASAP THANK YOU
Devin Javillo
money order for $63 Sunday morning. Will put in the mail Monday guaranteed! Received in 5 Days. Fast.

- Restore Roger

I've been buying paint, wheels and decals for a few years now and all the products are fantastic! Thanks for your support in this hobby! Mark.

Mark Hatzis
I've been into restoring old Hot Wheel Redline cars for about a year now and once I discovered Redlineshop's Paints there was no match.....And learning how to properly Air Brush the castings was easy with the video's they provided on their site. Thank you Jon....For a wonderful product and service.
Mark Ah-Low
Buy far the best wheel ever reproduced.

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