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Types of Redline Wheels

Bearing Deep Dish Snap/Cap permanent

The Bearing Style is reproduced  3 sizes; Large, medium and small. They have a shinny chrome mag center. The wheels is connected to a small white delrin bearing on the end of the axle set. These were the first wheels Mattel put on the redlines. Most Common Wheel for Redlines manufacture between 1968 - 1969.

The Deep Dish Wheels are attached to the axle the same way the bearing style is attached. They have a deeper inset and were found on very few Redline Cars. The Chrome finish is not as shinny as the other wheels. They have more of an aluminum look to them. They come in medium and small only.

The Snap-on or Cap style was only produced in Large and medium wheels. They have a shinny chrome mag center.. They snap on to a round hub that is attached to the end of the axle. It can be compared to the lid of Tupperware fitting onto a Tupperware bowl. They have a snap fit

The Permanent wheel is not reproduced and we do not sell them. They are fastened on permanently to the axle. You can not replace them with out taking the wheel off the axle. We do sell complete axle sets that will fit on these types of cars. Most Redlines from 1973 and on have these  wheels or a combination of this wheel on the front and the Caps style for the rear.

Sizes of Redline Wheels

Bearing Large

Bearing Medium

Bearing Small


Caps or Snap-on Large

Caps or Snap-on Medium

Deep Dish Bearing

Deep Dish Caps
Removing Wheels (Cap/Snap Style)

Step 1. Insert the tip of a #11 exacto blade between the crack where the hub meets the back of the wheel.

Step 2. With the tip inserted slide the blade forward opening the crack. Most of the time it will pop off at this point.

Step 3. If it has not popped off then twist the knife forcing the wheel to pop off the inside hub 


Removing Wheels (Bearing Style)

Step 1. First fold a piece of paper into a little square and insert it between the wheel and the fender. This will protect the paint when removing the wheel. Step 2. Now take the wheel straighting tool and  (add a drop of 3 in 1 oil to the bearing before you remove your wheels, they will pop off easier and you will not have the danger of the bearing pulling off the axle).


Factory Pressed On Wheels (None Removable)


 These are factory Pressed on Wheels. The axle runs straight through the wheel and it is crimped on the end. They are near impossible to change due to the fact that you have to grind off the end of the axle to remove the wheel. One way to replace them is to take the car apart and install different axles. If you want to replace these wheels you will need to purchase an axle set with bearing or snap on wheels.


Wheels Charts for Redlines 1968-1974

Redlines 1968

Beatnik Bandit Bearing- Medium/ Small Custom T-Bird Bearing Medium/ Medium
Custom Barracuda Bearing- Medium/ Small Custom Volkswagen Bearing- Medium/ Small
Custom Camaro Bearing- Medium/ Small Deora Bearing Small/ Small
Custom Corvett Bearing- Medium/ Small Ford J-Car Bearing Medium/ Medium
Custom Corvette Bearing- Medium/ Small Hot Heap Bearing Large/ Medium
Custom Cougar Bearing- Medium/ Small Python Bearing- Medium/ Small
Custom Eldorado Bearing Medium/ Medium Silhouette Bearing- Medium/ Small
Custom Firebird Bearing- Medium/ Small
Custom Fleetside Bearing Medium/ Medium
Custom Mustang Bearing- Medium/ Small

Redlines 1969

Bradham-Repco F1 Bearing Large/ Medium Lola GT70 Bearing Medium/ Medium
Chapparal 2G Bearing Medium/ Medium Lotus Turbine Bearing Large/ Medium
Classic Ford Woody Bearing Large/ Medium Maserati Mistral Bearing Medium/ Medium
Classic '32 Ford Vicky Bearing Large/ Medium McLaren M6A Bearing Medium/ Medium
Classic '36 Ford Coupe Bearing- Large/ Small Mercedes-Benz 280SL Bearing Medium/ Medium
Classic '57 T-Bird Bearing Medium/ Small Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Bearing Medium/ Medium
Custom AMX Bearing Medium/ Medium Shelby Turbine Bearing- Large/ Large
Custom Charger Bearing Medium/ Medium Splittin' Image Bearing Large/ Medium
Continental Mark III Bearing Medium/ Medium Torero Bearing Large/ Medium
Police Cruiser Bearing Medium/ Medium Turbofire Bearing Large/ Medium
Ford Mark IV Bearing Medium/ Medium TwinMill Bearing Large/ Medium
Indy Eagle Bearing Large/ Medium Beach Bomb Bearing Medium/ Medium

Redlines 1970

Ambulance Caps- Medium/Medium Moving Van Caps- Medium/Medium
Boss Hoss Caps- Large/Medium Nitty Gritty Bearing Large/ Medium
Carabo Caps- Medium/Medium Paddy Wagon Bearing Large/ Medium
Cement Mixer Caps- Medium/Medium Peepin Bomb Caps- Large/Medium
Classic Nomad Caps- Large/Medium Porsche 917 Caps- Medium/Medium
Demon Caps- Large/Medium Power Pad Caps- Large/Large
Dump Truck Caps- Medium/Medium Red Baron Caps- Large/Medium
Ferrari 312P Caps- Large/Medium Sand Crab Caps- Large/Medium
Fire Chief Cruiser Bearing Medium/ Medium Seasider Caps- Large/Medium
Fire Engine Caps- Medium/Medium Sky Show Fleetside Caps- Medium/Medium
Heavy Chevy Bearing Large/ Medium Snake Funny Car Caps- Large/Medium
Jack Rabbit Caps- Medium/Medium Swingin Wing Caps- Large/Medium
King Kuda Bearing Large/ Medium TNT-Bird Bearing Large/ Medium
Light My Firebird Bearing Large/ Medium Tow Truck Caps- Medium/Medium
Mantis Caps- Large/Medium Tri Baby Caps- Large/Medium
Mighty Maveric Caps- Large/Medium Whip Creamer Caps- Large/Medium
Mod Quad Caps- Medium/Medium
Mongoose funny Car Caps- Large/Medium

Redlines 1971

AMX/2 Caps- Large/Medium Pit Crew Caps- Large/Medium
Boss Hoss Bearing Large/ Medium Racer Rig Caps- Medium/Medium
Bugeye Caps- Large/Medium Rocket Bye Baby Caps- Large/Large
Bye-Focal Caps- Large/Medium S' Cool Bus Caps- Large/Medium
Classic Cord Caps- Large/Medium Scooper Caps- Medium/Medium
Cockney Cab Caps- Large/Medium Short Order Caps- Large/Medium
Evil Weevil Caps- Large/Medium Six Shooter Caps- Large/Large/Medium
- LFuel Tanker Caps- Medium/Medium Snake 2 Funny Car Caps- Large/Medium
Grass Hopper Caps- Large/Large Snake Rail Special
Hairy Hauler Caps- Medium/Medium Snorkel Caps- Medium/Medium
Hood, The Caps- Large/Medium Special Delivery Caps- Large/Medium
Ice T Caps- Large/Medium Strip Teaser Caps- Large/Medium
Jet Threat Caps- Large/Medium Sugar Caddy Caps- Large/Medium
Mongoose 2 Funny Car Caps- Large/Medium T-4-2 Caps- Large/Large
Mongoose Rail Special Team Trailer Caps- 6 Medium
Mutt Mobile Caps- Large/Medium Waste Wagon Caps- Medium/Medium
Noodle Head Caps- Large/Medium What-4 Caps- Medium/Medium
Olds 442 Caps- Large/Medium

Redlines 1971-1974

Ferrari 512S Caps- Medium/Medium Side Kick Caps- Large/Medium
Funny Money Caps- Large/Medium Double Vision Caps- Large/Medium
Mercedes Benz C-111 Caps- Large/Medium Peepin' Bomb Caps- Large/Medium
Open Fire Caps- Large/Medium/Medium
Rear Engine Mongoose Special
Rear Engine Snake Special
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