Wheel size Chart

Wheels Charts for Redlines 1968-1974

Redlines 1968

Beatnik Bandit Bearing- Medium/ Small Custom T-Bird Bearing Medium/ Medium
Custom Barracuda Bearing- Medium/ Small Custom Volkswagen Bearing- Medium/ Small
Custom Camaro Bearing- Medium/ Small Deora Bearing Small/ Small
Custom Corvette Bearing- Medium/ Small Ford J-Car Bearing Medium/ Medium
Custom Corvette Bearing- Medium/ Small Hot Heap Bearing Medium/ Medium
Custom Cougar Bearing- Medium/ Small Python Bearing- Medium/ Small
Custom Eldorado Bearing Medium/ Medium Silhouette Bearing- Medium/ Small
Custom Firebird Bearing- Medium/ Small
Custom Fleetside Bearing Medium/ Medium
Custom Mustang Bearing- Medium/ Small

Redlines 1969

Bradham-Repco F1 Bearing Large/ Medium Lola GT70 Bearing Medium/ Medium
Chaparral 2G Bearing Medium/ Medium Lotus Turbine Bearing Large/ Medium
Classic Ford Woody Bearing Large/ Medium Maserati Mistral Bearing Medium/ Medium
Classic '32 Ford Vicky Bearing Large/ Medium McLaren M6A Bearing Medium/ Medium
Classic '36 Ford Coupe Bearing- Large/ Small Mercedes-Benz 280SL Bearing Medium/ Medium
Classic '57 T-Bird Bearing Medium/ Small Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Bearing Medium/ Medium
Custom AMX Bearing Medium/ Medium Shelby Turbine Bearing- Large/ Large
Custom Charger Bearing Medium/ Medium Splittin' Image Bearing Large/ Medium
Continental Mark III Bearing Medium/ Medium Torero Bearing Large/ Medium
Police Cruiser Bearing Medium/ Medium Turbofire Bearing Large/ Medium
Ford Mark IV Bearing Medium/ Medium TwinMill Bearing Large/ Medium
Indy Eagle Bearing Large/ Medium Beach Bomb Bearing Medium/ Medium

Redlines 1970

Ambulance Caps- Medium/Medium Moving Van Caps- Medium/Medium
Boss Hoss Caps- Large/Medium Nitty Gritty Bearing Large/ Medium
Carabo Caps- Medium/Medium Paddy Wagon Bearing Large/ Medium
Cement Mixer Caps- Medium/Medium Peepin Bomb Caps- Large/Medium
Classic Nomad Caps- Large/Medium Porsche 917 Caps- Medium/Medium
Demon Caps- Large/Medium Power Pad Caps- Large/Large
Dump Truck Caps- Medium/Medium Red Baron Caps- Large/Medium
Ferrari 312P Caps- Large/Medium Sand Crab Caps- Large/Medium
Fire Chief Cruiser Bearing Medium/ Medium Seasider Caps- Large/Medium
Fire Engine Caps- Medium/Medium Sky Show Fleetside Caps- Medium/Medium
Heavy Chevy Bearing Large/ Medium Snake Funny Car Caps- Large/Medium
Jack Rabbit Caps- Medium/Medium Swingin Wing Caps- Large/Medium
King Kuda Bearing Large/ Medium TNT-Bird Bearing Large/ Medium
Light My Firebird Bearing Large/ Medium Tow Truck Caps- Medium/Medium
Mantis Caps- Large/Medium Tri Baby Caps- Large/Medium
Mighty Maveric Caps- Large/Medium Whip Creamer Caps- Large/Medium
Mod Quad Caps- Medium/Medium
Mongoose funny Car Caps- Large/Medium

Redlines 1971

AMX/2 Caps- Large/Medium Pit Crew Caps- Large/Medium
Boss Hoss Bearing Large/ Medium Racer Rig Caps- Medium/Medium
Bugeye Caps- Large/Medium Rocket Bye Baby Caps- Large/Large
Bye-Focal Caps- Large/Medium S' Cool Bus Caps- Large/Medium
Classic Cord Caps- Large/Medium Scooper Caps- Medium/Medium
Cockney Cab Caps- Large/Medium Short Order Caps- Large/Medium
Evil Weevil Caps- Large/Medium Six Shooter Caps- Large/Large/Medium
- LFuel Tanker Caps- Medium/Medium Snake 2 Funny Car Caps- Large/Medium
Grass Hopper Caps- Large/Large Snake Rail Special
Hairy Hauler Caps- Medium/Medium Snorkel Caps- Medium/Medium
Hood, The Caps- Large/Medium Special Delivery Caps- Large/Medium
Ice T Caps- Large/Medium Strip Teaser Caps- Large/Medium
Jet Threat Caps- Large/Medium Sugar Caddy Caps- Large/Medium
Mongoose 2 Funny Car Caps- Large/Medium T-4-2 Caps- Large/Large
Mongoose Rail Special Team Trailer Caps- 6 Medium
Mutt Mobile Caps- Large/Medium Waste Wagon Caps- Medium/Medium
Noodle Head Caps- Large/Medium What-4 Caps- Medium/Medium
Olds 442 Caps- Large/Medium

Redlines 1971-1974

Ferrari 512S Caps- Medium/Medium Side Kick Caps- Large/Medium
Funny Money Caps- Large/Medium Double Vision Caps- Large/Medium
Mercedes Benz C-111 Caps- Large/Medium Peepin' Bomb Caps- Large/Medium
Open Fire Caps- Large/Medium/Medium
Rear Engine Mongoose Special
Rear Engine Snake Special



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Question Answer
How much is Shipping?



We ship first class US mail and this is our shipping rates, which are subject to change.
Invoice Amount Shipping Charge
All Decals -no limit $2.50
$5.01 - $25.00 $4.00
$25.01 - $30.00 $4.25
$30.01 - $50.00 $5.00
$50.01 - $75.00 $6.00
$75.01 - $100 $6.50
$100 - $150 $7.00
$150 - $200 $7.50
Over $200 $7.50
Over 2 LBS Add $3.00
Foreign orders see when item are in cart
 The 10 pack of paint causes order to go over 2lbs. We do not ship paint outside the US

What's our phone number?

Your site looks different. Everything is new. What's Up We have totally change the software we use for our storefront. The new software is much more customer friendly and more like most other popular internet stores like amazon.com. You can now track your orders, look at previous orders, make a wish list and it is much easier and simpler to use.
I see other reproduction parts for sale what is up with that. It the parts are not from me or toycarcollector.com or usty00 or 1Redlineshop on ebay then they are not authentic redlineshop parts.  Our parts are manufactured in the US. All the other parts are cheaply produced parts that are nowhere as close to the original fit and look as ours. Good rule of thumb. You get what you pay for.  Here you get product support with products that were produced right here in the good ol' US of A.
How do I delete items out of basket. Go to Your Cart. When it comes up you will see a remove button on the far left of the item listed. Just click on that button. It is a big red X.
I did not receive an order conformation when I ordered. If you did not receive an order confirmation then what happened is your mail  system kicked it out as spam.  They are generated by computer when you order, so mail systems sometimes will kick them out as spam. It all depends on how high you have your spam filter set. Decrease the sensitivity of your spam filter or allow mail from your URL.
What types of payments do you accept? We accept PayPal, Visa, Master Card, Debit Cards, Personal Check and Money orders.
What is your shipping address? 2505 E. Irwin Way,  Eugene, OR  97402
How do I order? After you have found the item you are looking for you just add it to your cart. If you want to remove an item you can go to your cart or basket and remove the item there.
Is my information that I send you safe and do you give it out to anyone? Your credit card and personal information is perfectly safe with us. We do not give out personal information. Your credit card is not saved on our server. We do not store credit card information. Those are only used when you order and it is done through the credit card service host systems. They are not or never are stored on our server. Our site is always up to compliance standards.
What method of shipping do you use? We try to keep our shipping cost low because of all our repeat business so we ship everything through the US mail. Most packages take about 3 days to deliver from the day they were shipped.
Do you ship Spectra Flame Paint out side the United States? N0, We can not ship paint outside the US. I you really need it bad we may be able to ship one or two bottle to you with extra charge.
What type of Guarantee do you offer? We offer a 100% money back guarantee. You can return for any reason.
Are these parts like the originals parts? Our parts are the closest thing to the real parts on the market. You will not find better quality product or as large of a selection.
I cant find the part I am looking for? Even though we are the largest producer of Redline parts, we do not carry every part. Some parts the demand is so low that it would not warrant making a mold and casting the part. You can always email us and ask if you don't see what you are looking for.
Do you restore redlines? Yes we do.  The cost starts at $30.00 and goes up from there. Just email us and ask for a quote. Most restoration that need paint, wheels and glass run about $50.
I have a part that I would like to reproduce, Can you guys made a custom product for me? Yes, We can make low production runs and even make custom mold for you.
What other service do you offer? Besides, selling redline restoration supplies, we can also make small production runs for you or make a custom mold for you. We can also make custom decals your make custom diecast cars for your group or club. Just email for a quote.
What do other people say about you products and service? You can check out our customer testimonials HERE.
Do I have to Log in to place an order? No, You can place an order with or without logging in.  If you do log in, our server will store your name and address so you don't have to type it in again on your next order. You can also keep track of your previous orders with our new system.
Do you have a brick and mortar where I can go and see the parts in person? I am sorry we only sell over the internet. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product we will refund you your money back plus shipping.
Do you offer Dealerships? Yes
Do you sell your product on Ebay? Be very careful of people on Ebay who claim to be selling reproduction parts. Some people have tried to sell their parts as Redline Shop Parts. The only two people on Ebay that are authorized to sell our products is 1Redlineshop and USTY00.
I would like to buy a color other than what you have listed. Where can I get other colors? For the other colors of Hot Wheel Redlines I suggest using Testors paints. Most of their colors are a very close match to the enamel colors they used on their enamel paint  jobs.
I forgot my password and can log on No big deal. Just sign up again or order with out logging in.
How long does it take to get my order? Most orders ship 2-4 days after they are placed. Some parts may have to be made so those orders can take up to 10 days to receive you order. Most of our parts are on hand and there are no delays.
I don't trust ordering over the internet how else can I place an order? You can phone an order in. Our phone number is (541)337-3741