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The Redline Shop is the largest Supplier of Hot Wheels Redline Parts for Redline Restoration.  We carry 100's of reproduction parts such as Redline Wheels, Spectra-Color PaintDecals, PartsWindshields, and  Hoods. Our services include redline restoration, customizing die-cast , building club cars and custom decals. We can also make custom parts.  We also have tons of information on restoring Redlines and related topics. Visit our popular message board or our detailed pages on diecast restoration.


The Redlineshop is in no way affiliated with Mattel or the Red line Club

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Choose from the largest selection of redline parts in the world. We carry over 500 parts.


We have numerous sources for Die-Cast restoration. The Redline Shop is the largest Redline Restoration Board on the internet. You can check out our "How to Section" where you will find the type of information you need. View our video clips that show detailed instruction on Hot Wheels Restoration.

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Don't Be Fooled by Poor Quality Parts on Ebay

Be very Careful purchasing parts on ebay or from other "so called" dealers.  There are a lot of people claiming to be selling reproduction Hot Wheel Parts and are a very poor quality. Also, if someone is claiming to be selling Redline Shop parts other than this site be very cautious.  To purchase authentic Redline Shop Part this is the only site. I do not sell on Ebay or any other sites. Dave at the thetoycarcollector.com is a Authorize Redline Shop Dealer.

If you do find parts somewhere else, make sure you ask if they come with a money back guarantee. I have heard so many stories of guys buying parts and then getting stuck with something they can not use. Low Quality parts include problems such as air bubbles, foggy glass color mismatch and most often they just don't fit properly because they were not cast from an original part and cast using a mold that was CNC shaped.

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We have been serving the redline collector for over 12 years now. So if you need a restoration or part for your Hot Wheels, this is the place.

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There is one thing that most of the redline restoration hobbyist have in common and that is we all built model kits when we were young.  This is a great hobby to complement or even replace the model building kits. A lot of the same techniques that are used in model building are used in the art of Hot Wheels Restoration.


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